Operational Tools
TV2 provides a suite of operational tools that will enable operators to improve their customer experience, manage their growth and improve productivity. This is achieved by providing simple yet powerful tools to standardize and automate operational processes, accelerate incident response, proactively plan capacity, and connect with the customer experience in real time.

TV2 SCOM Management Pack
Alerts are tuned and classified by severity so you can cut down the noise and focus on the events that matter.

TV2 Client Monitor
TV2 Client Monitor is a Mediaroom operations tool that will allow service providers to identify Video QoS issues from a device perspective. Using TV2 Client Monitor, Mediaroom service providers can automate the inspection of devices on their network. This data enables the field operation groups within the service provider to accurately and proactively address issues, such as home network issues, before they become a source of customer dissatisfaction and defection. The data will also empower Customer Service Agents to have conversations with customers calling in and complaining about video quality issues. Trending information from historical logs can be correlated to specific devices to provide a view by account history. This tool has been proven to scale from Tier 3 to Tier 1 operations.

TV2 Insight
TV2 Insight is reporting tool that provides a single executive view into your system. It can email a daily report on each market which includes things such as the number of devices and accounts. It also provides data to help you market better to your customers such as most popular channels, movies and applications

TV2 Client Sniffer
TV2 Client Sniffer is an operational tool that will help you isolate STB issues to software or network. It is typically used in both operations and NOC teams. The tool speeds up problem resolution time by automating the data collection processing and applying intelligent rules to previously seen issues.

TV2 Customer Support
TV2 Customer Support is a customer service tool that allows a Customer Service Representative to remotely control the subscribers device in real time. This capability will greatly improve the customer experience for the majority of your customer calls related to product education.

TV2 Client Skinner
Automate the Client Skinning process for new STB's or new graphics and text generation.