Get your Mediaroom system off to the right start through our architecture and design services. We will help pick the right architecture and guide you through critical integration points such as migration, provisioning, billing, EPG etc.

We have deployed and upgraded over 100 sites worldwide. We use our robust in-house automation tools that decrease deployment time by 30% and without sacrificing quality. We will work closely with you to ensure the handoff, once the site is complete, is a smooth transition.

We provide both lab and production support for troubleshooting, server expansion and pro-active server maintenance. We have specialists for various parts of Mediaroom including STB, DRM, MDS, Apps etc. We have developed a patent-pending tool that automates the intial triage of support issues.

Personal Server
TV2 Consulting is the recommended services provider to support your Mediaroom Personal Server for network testing, application development and OSS/BSS integration.
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